We know we’re biased, but we at Pac-Van think repurposed shipping containers are pretty incredible.

Shipping containers have been repurposed for over 2 decades. These steel structures can be reused in a multitude of amazing of ways. The large quantities available and the cost-effective prices has made them appealing to architects and designers worldwide.

Custom modular buildings are becoming more popular day-by-day. These modified containers are not only unique, but technology allows construction time to be reduced by up to half that of conventional building techniques while cutting back on on-site interruptions. In addition to all of this, these modified containers remain significantly more environmentally friendly.

Pac-Van works with our customers to create modified shipping containers to provide the right solution to whatever space challenges they’re facing. When some plumbers shared with us that storing their pipes was challenging, we created custom shipping containers for them. In the plumbing industry, an uncut pipe measures in at just over 21 feet. Those can’t be stored in a 20 foot container without being cut, but a 40’ foot container leaves a lot of space empty, and sometimes the job site just can’t fit an extra 40 foot container. Pac-Van’s plumbers’ boxes take 20 foot storage containers and turn them into modified shipping containers by adding 2’ by 4’ extensions to one end, effectively making these 22 foot containers. The insides of these custom shipping containers are equipped with a racking system for pipes, which can then be folded and secured flush to the side walls when not in use.

Repurposed shipping containers stacked together provide high strength, steel structures that when combined can create a wide variety of spaces. Classrooms, office spaces, sports halls, container houses, garden nurseries, community centers, artist studios, retail spaces, and apartment complexes are just some of the creative ways people are reusing containers.

Check out several of the ways repurposed shipping containers have been used.


OceanScope or ContainerScope, Incheon, South Korea Learn More.

Modified Shipping Container          Modified Shipping Container         
Modified Shipping Container          Modified Shipping Container

This Children’s Activity Center, Melbourne, Australia Learn More.

shipping container          childrens_activity_centre_pa120808_peterbennettsphotography_12          childrens_activity_centre_pa120808_peterbennettsphotography_7          619

Cargominium Project, Columbus, Ohio Learn More.

cargominium-rendering-sideview_1200xx2399-1351-0-145     AR-170218362     cargominium-09 - Copy     cargo - Copy

Badeschiff, the Floating Swimming Pool, Berlin, Germany Learn More.

badeschiff-pool-berlin-germany 11197_536317363066378_1345780197_n Badeschiff-01 08_Badeschiff-135580144-1680x1050

Container City II, London, England Learn More.

Cmglee_Container_City_2        container-city_634x400        Container-City-Trinity-Buoy-Wharf_mini        trinity-buoy-wharf-25

Proposed: eCORRE Complex, Custom Shipping Container in Long Beach, California Learn More.

untitled        ECORRE_FINAL FINAL BOARD        lqb1156mijm4y4y9

Of course, shipping containers are still mainly being used for their primary purpose: shipping and storing stuff. But they are also being modified, transformed and repurposed into amazing things. Clearly, the possibilities are endless with storage container modifications.