Pac-Van’s Little Rock branch recently worked with a global aerospace and defense company to modify a 40’ storage container. The customer was in need of a container with an internal railing system with a hoist that had the capability to move and place 55-gallon hazardous waste drums anywhere within the container.

A mechanical internal rail system was installed instead of an electrical rail system because of the fire safety precautions needed with hazardous waste materials.

Modified Shipping Container Project                  Modified Shipping Container Project                Modified Shipping Container Project                Modified Shipping Container Project

Four 24 x 24 louver vents were added to the container to allow for more airflow.  The vents will also help in cooling the container and combat excessive moisture. The louver vents are located at the corner of each container wall and rotate in height from high to low to encourage as much airflow as possible.
An iron rail system was designed built and installed with a manual trolley. Two ceiling-mounted iron beams were installed and act as a monorail system while requiring no use of floor space. A bridge base holds the single glider and hoist mount. Both the bridge base and glider are moveable via a manual (pull) locking system.

A 20’ lift manual hooked mounted chain hoist with a die-cast aluminum body was installed for portability and durability with a 1000lb capacity. In addition to heat-treated alloy steel hooks, it features main pinion shafts and load gears, lubricated ball bearings, and precision-machined gears, as well as safety latch hooks, which help to provide a safe way of lifting freely-suspended material loads. A drum lifter was attached to the end of the 20’ chain in order to lift the 55-gallon barrels.

This shipping container lifter is able to lift and place 55-gallon hazardous waste drums anywhere within the container making it much safer, easier and faster to load and off-load materials. This shipping container modification from start to finish took about two weeks.

Check out our video to see this shipping container lifting modification in action.