Llywelyn’s, a family-owned Celtic bar/restaurant, is expanding with a new location being built within the Missouri Rush Sports Park located in O’Fallon, MO.

When completed, the new location will feature four sand volleyball courts, an outdoor shipping container bar, indoor/outdoor dining, a rooftop patio, and live music.

Our St Louis branch recently worked with Llywelyn’s to create “The Sandbox”, their very own shipping container bar and restaurant.

Sandbox container bar   Sandbox container bar   Sandbox container bar

The Sandbox will be a seasonal concession stand for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It will be located next to the sand volleyball courts (hence the name) adjacent to the Missouri Rush Soccer Club fields.

Llywelyn’s primary restaurant, currently under construction, will be located directly across from the Sandbox.  The shipping container bar will help support and entertain the sand volleyball and soccer venues within the sports complex.

The Sandbox took six weeks to modify. It has been outfitted with three custom-made canopies as well as awnings. Each concession window has a retractable countertop. This modified shipping container bar and restaurant has been painted and branded, and exterior lighting has been installed.

It has an exterior steel 3/0 man door. All of the electric has been surface mounted.

Interior features include:

• Beverage coolers
• Beer taps
• Wall monitors
• Lights and ceiling fans
• Hot water heater

This unit also includes two handwashing stations and one glasswasher.

This shipping container bar was delivered to the site last month and is up and running. Check the video below to see delivery and setup.