Holiday shopping looks much different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shoppers are favoring eCommerce and BOPIS (buy online pick-up in-store) over traditional in-store shopping. While the channels are different, demand is still high, requiring the continued need for seasonal staff. With all these new and unique circumstances, businesses are finding they need more portable retail storage solutions.

eCommerce Spikes Require Traditional Stores to Act as Fulfillment 

A consumer study reported that 63% of U.S. shoppers made an online purchase for an item or category they never had before. For millennials, this number was 75%. Consumers want great deals but are hesitant about shopping in-person.

According to data from a survey, 58% of consumers said they’d shop online for Black Friday, while only 41% said they’d shop in-store. That sentiment held true, as early reports show eCommerce shopping for the day hit $9 billion.

These record-breaking numbers mean that traditional stores may have to act as fulfillment spaces for these orders. That means retailers need additional space to dedicate to this. Ground level office (GLO) containers or a modular office building could provide the solution.

The Emergence of BOPIS and the Need for Storage Space

BOPIS is a hybrid approach to eCommerce and in-store shopping. It can ease the strain on shipping channels, deliver instant gratification for shoppers, and provide a safe way to shop for those with concerns of exposure.

For context, here’s how BOPIS is changing the game. eCommerce platform KIBO reported their users had a 554% year over year increase in May 2020 and a slightly lower but still incredible 374% growth in June.

All retailers are leaning hard on BOPIS, from big box to fashion to grocery stores. This increase in business also requires more space for storing these items until buyers pick them up. Some retailers are even creating specific areas for this and curbside. Instead of taking precious space from your store’s footprint, choose storage containers to hold everything. Refrigerated containers are also available for perishables.

More Employees, Same Precautions

To meet the rush of holiday shopping, retailers are adding to their headcount both at physical locations and fulfillment warehouses. However, they still need to provide a safe and healthy workplace. GLO office containers could be a good fit for temperature check stations or break areas to ensure proper social distancing.

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