Ground Level Office Container Benefits

Ground-level offices (GLOs) are durable, secure, affordable on-site space solutions. Available either as an all-office unit or as an office/storage combination unit. These ground-level prefab office containers are portable, customizable and stackable, which makes these the dependable onsite modular office spaces for any kind of event, job site, or industrial application.

Below are examples of ground level office projects Pac-Van has worked on across our branches.

GLOs are ready when you need them and can be set up and operational in no time at all. Because they are originally ISO containers and built to standard dimensions (20’ or 40’ most common), they are easily transported by boat, truck, train, crane or forklift.

Ground level office     Ground level office     40 Ground level office on truck

Prefab office containers require very little site prep, since all they need is a level surface. Our drivers can drop these office units in the exact spot on the ground where you need it so that you can maximize your work environment.

ground level officeFor example, our Denver branch worked with a construction company in need of office space during its build-out of a new high-rise. Our team loaded a 20’ GLO by forklift onto a truck and transported it ten miles to the jobsite, where it was then lifted by a tower crane to the 26th floor.

Examples of common modifications include adding roll-up doors, adding a turbine or power vent, installing overhead lighting, electrical outlets or even a finished restroom. And with a Pac-Van location near you, we can deliver direct and set up based on your specific needs.

Our St. Louis branch just finished a modified 40’ ground level office/storage combo for a general contractor. The contractor needed a storage solution that provided space for tools but with features to ensure these tools wouldn’t move during transit. It also included a workstation equipped with extra lighting so that the superintendent could check materials, tools, and supplies in and out. Watch this project in progress.


The ground-level office below was built for a construction company, and it only took our Atlanta Branch three weeks to modify. They started with a 40’ high cube shipping container and cut it down to a 26’. Five large windows allow for plenty of visibility from the front office, and the back office has been set up for ample workspace. This unit was then mounted to a trailer, so it can move from location to location with ease.

Ground Level Office Construction Front     Ground Level Office Construction back     Ground level office construction side HVAC Air conditioning     Ground Level Office Construction Inside     Ground Level Office Construction Inside

Ground-level offices are customized shipping containers that were originally made to be loaded and stacked. One of the major advantages of these sturdy steel GLOs is that they work a lot like Legos.  They can be stacked together. With space being such a rare commodity, the ability to place these containers on top of each other can create much desired extra square footage on a jobsite or construction zone.

Stacked Shipping Containers     stacked shipping containers     Ground Level Office Containers Stacked     40 ground level office denver     Ground Level Office Containers, Office Containers, Container Offices

Pac-Van’s ground level offices are easily stackable, regardless of whether they are 20′ or 40′ in length.

Our New Brunswick branch recently worked with a university in Villanova PA. They provided the university two 40’ ground level offices during construction of their athletic department. These GLO’s will be used as temporary offices for faculty. They have been stacked due to the limited space.

Ground Level Office     shipping container, modular office, ground level office     ground level office stacked

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