Modified shipping container trade show booths are the new trend in event marketing.

A custom storage container can be the perfect solution if you need a trade show booth, event space or pop up shop for your next marketing event.

Pac-Van can provide you with a customized container trade show booth that will create a memorable brand experience and generate traffic for your business. We can design a unit to match your vision. From simple to complex, the possibilities are endless with customizable shipping containers.

Exhibiting at a trade show has its challenges: complex logistical operations, time-sensitive deadlines, and costly material handling can reinforce the need to have your business stand out. Exhibiting in a modified shipping container has several advantages.

Trade shows and conferences usually charge for booth space, onsite storage, and furnishing.  Rates are normally charged by the square foot and per hour, which can add to your overall costs. Exhibitors can save on these costs by leveraging the multi-functional uses of a customized shipping container display. Everything you need for the show can be packed into the container and securely stored during the show. Modified containers trade show booths are permanent, yet fully transportable. Custom shipping container trade show booths provide ample visibility at every show, whether indoor at a convention center or outdoor.

Our Pac-Van Phoenix branch recently collaborated with our Green Bay branch to create a custom shipping container trade show booth for a company in Menasha, WI that provides electrical contracting services.

Custom Container Trade Show Booth     Custom Container Trade Show Booth     Custom Container Trade Show Booth

One side of the container has been divided into four sections that will open completely, allowing customers to enter the booth space. The 18’ x 4’ actuator-driven section is controlled by an internal push-button switch and lifts to a 90-degree angle, acting as an awning. The lower sections of the container wall are locked into place with spring-loaded hinges and, when opened, will function as a platform and two identical ramps. This unit’s cargo doors are still completely functional.

Custom Container Trade Show Booth     Custom Container Trade Show Booth     Custom Container Trade Show Booth

The container floor has been covered in false wood title and Vinyl Covered Gypsum has been installed on three of the unit’s internal walls.

Custom Container Trade Show Booth     Custom Container Trade Show Booth

The top of the container will function as an observation deck and lounge area. The floor consists of epoxy coated diamond plate. A collapsible safety rail has been installed with an opening for the stairwell.

Check out our video to see the functionality of this customized shipping container trade show booth.

Have a project that requires container modifications? Let us know what you’re needing; your Pac-Van team can help it come to life.