A Louisiana company specializing in boat building that is also active in constructing high-quality vessels for the commercial sector in the Terrebonne Parish needed a high cube shipping container that could hold construction supplies and tools.

Pac-Van’s Houma branch worked closely with the customer through the design phase resulting in the construction of a custom 10’ high cube shipping container. The container will be loaded with supplies and transported back and forth from the shipping yard docks to working barges and vessels under construction.

The customer needed a secure space for a large number of supplies, but it also needed a container small enough to be easily moved with a forklift. A 10’ high cube shipping container was determined to be the best choice.

10’ storage containers have been cut down or created from standard 20’ and 40 ft storage containers. A high cube differs from a standard container by adding exactly one foot to the height.

Length Width Standard Height High Cube Height
10’/3.05m 8’/2.44m 8’6”/2.59m 9’6”/2.89m

The standard container is 8’x6” high on the exterior which corresponds to a 7’x10” height on the interior; this high cube container will provide the customer with an extra foot in height both externally and internally.

Container SizesBecause high cube containers have been cut down from standard containers, end doors need to be added to the newly created units. This allows the customer to request the type and location of door they want. Pac-Van can reposition the door anywhere along the length of the container.



The customer wanted something secure but easily accessible by workers on the jobsite. A Pac-Van PV3 secure safety container door and locking system was installed on one end of the modified container. Safe, Secure and Simple this locking system is the first of its kind featuring the industry’s only emergency exit feature. Its incredibly secure, providing the highest level of security against thieves. The single-handle door offers ease of entry for frequent use.

This custom storage container features three walls of sturdy steel shelving with and room for storage underneath. It will provide the customer with the much need space they require for tools and supplies.


No matter if the custom container is being loaded on the dock or unloaded on a barge, the customer will be able to light the container internally by stringing an extension cord through the collar located to the upper left of the door.

Check out videos on this custom container project:

Our modifications are limitless with a custom storage container. Let us know what you’re needing; your Pac-Van team can help it come to life.

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