A Neighborhood Social Created With Repurposed Shipping Containers

Covington Yard Bar is a new outdoor “neighborhood social” dining and entertainment area built in Covington, Kentucky. The Yard, which is made up of 12 different Pac-Van storage containers, allows patrons to experience food, drinks, and entertainment from a variety of different culinary vendors, local artisans, and musical entertainers. Covington Yard currently features food from Django Western Taco, Yard Bird​, and Mr. Bulgogi.


Custom Container Modifications Are Our Specialty

The Cincinnati Pac-Van team was given a rough vision for Covington Yard and was able to help bring that vision to life.  Collaborating with an outside engineering firm, our team had the opportunity to design and build custom containers with modifications that not only added to the quality and function of the container but also included the proper coding requirements needed for safe use. Our team was happy to supply all the necessary containers and do all the container modifications in-house.

Units Provided

(5) 20’ high cube containers to be used as food preparation and serving areas

(1) 10’ storage container to be used as an entryway

(3) 20’ open side containers for a sports viewing and entertainment area

(1) 20’ high cube container to be used as a bar area

(2) 20’ high cube containers to be used as an indoor restroom with plumbing

Modifications Done

  • Doors
  • Service windows
  • Finished walls
  • Flooring
  • Paint
  • Insulation
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC for the food units

In order to maintain ADA accessibility in the restroom area, our team created a double-wide container with a 2′ chase wall in-between the containers where the plumbing is stored away. This allows for maximum space within the restroom units to comfortably allow all patrons to get in and out.

A Variety of Different Customization Applications

Our custom storage containers can be used for a variety of different purposes outside of just dining and entertainment. Some of our recent customization projects include:


Please view the gallery below to see more images of Pac-Van storage containers in action at Covington Yard.

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For more information about Covington Yard, please visit: covingtonyard.com