Portable storage container restaurants are gaining popularity as the hot new food-stop trend.

Why not? These containers play a large roll in the logistics for almost all food that arrives in the country- from bulk goods shipped in 40-foot storage containers to chilled products transported in refrigerated containers.

There are several reasons these steel boxes make great portable restaurants.

This trend of recycling or up-cycling portable storage containers into restaurants makes it easier for restaurateurs to get into the restaurant business, allowing them to get into business inexpensively.

More permanent than pop-up stands or food trucks, container restaurants offer a more stable location for customers.

These steel boxes can be placed with ease almost anywhere you want. The uniqueness of the shipping container can draw a crowd. If it is not successful in one location, the container can be picked up and relocated. It can also be placed on a base with wheels and pulled by a truck.

Storage container restaurants can be modified to meet the needs of the customer. Custom storage container modifications can range from the addition of plumbing and electricity to roll-up side doors and windows; these steel boxes can be transformed into almost anything!

Container Restaurant

Pac-Van recently played a role in the production of Semper Slider, a stationary take-out trailer located outside of Opry Mills in the Music Valley Village. The shipping container was purchased out of Pac-Van’s Nashville branch and modified by the chef/owner himself into a container restaurant complete with plumbing, electric, stainless steel wall panels, tile and a full kitchen. Semper Slider specializes in handcrafted sliders and tots. Check out this slide show to see the modification of this container from start to finish.

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