From the simplest to the most complex projects…Pac-Van can meet your custom container modification needs!

The standard shipping container has been designed for overseas cargo transport. This design creates a structure that can be made into thousands of applications to create custom storage containers. Pac-Van’s Charlotte, NC branch (like several of our other branches throughout the United States) has created a countless number of custom buildings, mobile kiosks, portable retail stores, and even a restroom. Many of Pac-Van’s offices can do container modifications, such as adding roll-up doors, adding a vent, installing overhead lighting and electrical outlets, or even providing a finished restroom. The standardized container is ideal for limitless applications.

Most recently our Charlotte, NC branch worked with a customer that offers both commercial and industrial petroleum services. This customer needed to store their tanks and gas pumps so that they could be easily accessible but also out of the weather and direct sunlight.

Our branch provided the customer with four 40’ high cube modified shipping containers, customized to meet all the client’s needs.

Custom Containers

To accomplish the customer’s request, our team cut out one entire side of each container. Using the existing portions of the container walls that had been removed, we then created custom 3’ overhangs/awnings that were screwed into place. Steel posts were installed for roof support at 13’3”. Angle iron was welded onto the sides for safety purposes, eliminating the jagged edges that were left after the sides had been removed.

Custom Containers        Custom Containers        Custom Containers

Per the customer’s request, the container’s interior was painted black and the exterior was painted a light grey.

Pac-Van’s modification abilities are not limited to the products and options mentioned above. We can convert a shipping container/storage container to your specs. We are happy to work with you one-on-one to discuss the right container modifications for you. Contact us today for more information on modified shipping containers.