Pac-Van has been working closely with the Allen County Sheriff’s Department to build tactical training structures for its regional training facility located on 200 acres of land outside the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. These structures will be constructed of shipping containers modified at our Indianapolis office.

The use of shipping containers as the structural element of tactical training facilities has gained popularity due to their strength, durability, availability, ability to be easily reconfigured due to training need, and their relatively low cost. They are also considered more eco-friendly than traditional building materials.

These watertight, wind resistant and secure shipping container structures provide the training groups for law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and military professionals to train in a variety of safe, real-life scenarios, including:

  • Fire fighting and rescue
  • Drug raids
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Felony arrests
  • Home Invasions
  • Hostage situations
  • Robberies


Residential Emergency Training Facility

Comprised of two modified 40’ storage containers, this tactical training structure has been set up as a mock residential space consisting of two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, foyer, laundry area, hallways and internal/external doorway allowing for a variety of scenarios for an active shooter, force on force and tactics training. It has a total of 688 square feet of space. This will be used for police, SWAT, and non-live fire training.

Residential Training Facility

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Bank/Retail Shoot House/Training Facility

Constructed of two modified 20’ shipping containers, this structure is 344 square feet of training space. There are four separate rooms consisting of a lobby area, an open office with a teller window, a private office, and a vault with a door. The shipping containers have been modified to create window and door frames. It will be used in hostage simulations as well as non-live fire training providing the departments with safe and realistic training.

Bank Module Police Training Indianapolis 0517

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