Managing training for firefighters is no easy task – and it can be made harder with a limited budget. Keeping your firefighters engaged as well as in compliance with restricted resources can seem impossible.

Live fire training structures and burn buildings offer realistic scenarios for live-fire training, but they can also be extremely expensive.

At Pac-Van we have the ability to create an affordable conex box fire training unit as one large, complete structure, or it can be designed in parts and put together in stages. Plus, we can build to your specifications, adding things like catwalks, balconies, or rappel walls on the exterior.

We also understand budget limitations/constraints and have manufactured a used container solution for the industry by producing a cost-effective 40’ fire training facility using a used shipping container. This facility will help prepare your firefighters for real-world scenarios while providing the simulation training required for decision-making skills while in the field.

40' Burn Room Indy

Building with storage containers offers a lot of flexibility. The containers are transportable and can be placed almost anywhere. They are stackable and can easily be combined so your design can grow over time. They are also efficient, as construction of the building and site work can happen in tandem.

Our 40’ fire training container can be produced in two weeks, and Pac-Van can also provide delivery and setup. This conex building design offers an affordable solution, yet is extremely durable. It is suitable for departments of all sizes and can be customized further to meet the unique training requirements of your department.

This standard 40’ conex box fire training facility includes:

  • (1) Enclosed entry room
  • (1) Enclosed double paneled burn room with rear door clean out access
  • (1) Burn tray with drain line
  • (2) Standard windows
  • (1) breakout window


40' Fire Proto Ex 40' Fire Proto Int

There is simply no substitute for live-fire training. Pac-Van has created an affordable solution for you with its 40’ conex box fire training facility.


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