Container modifications are just one of the many services Pac-Van has to offer.

Several of our branch locations have modification (or ‘mod’) shops where our team of professionals transform a normal shipping container into something special, like a custom modular commercial building, kiosk, a retail pop-up container shop, or even a restroom. Pac-Van’s Phoenix branch is home to one of Pac-Van’s largest modification shops, specializing in both standard and non-standard container sizes.

The Phoenix branch helps to provide modifications for several of our surrounding branches. Recently they completed a custom 20’ office container with a restroom and shower for our Watford City branch. The shipping container bathroom will be used on-site at an 874-acre coal mine by employees as both a break-room lounge and shower/bathroom.

This shipping container bathroom project took about two weeks to complete from start to finish. Modifications to the exterior of the container bathroom include a solid steel man-door with look-through and a vertical sliding window with exterior-mounted security bars. The container doors have been sealed shut and walled-off at the end.

It has been fitted with electricity, plumbing, air conditioning and baseboard heating. Vinyl-covered gypsum has been installed on the walls and floors have been foam insulated, then covered in a false wood vinyl. Overhead lighting has been mounted throughout the container.

The customer will provide the lounge area with furnishings once the container is in place, and this area also holds the 30-gallon water heater. An interior door separates the 9’ lounge area from the 11’ bathroom.

The shipping container bathroom has one stall with a toilet and standing shower. A vanity with sink has been installed, as well as mirror and towel racks. A ventilation system above the shower will help eliminate moisture buildup.

20' Custom Bathroom Shower Lounge Container 20' Custom Bathroom Shower Lounge Container 20' Custom Bathroom Shower Lounge Container 20' Custom Bathroom Shower Lounge Container 20' Custom Bathroom Shower Lounge Container 20' Custom Bathroom Shower Lounge Container

This shipping container restroom project was made possible because of the capabilities of our Phoenix Mods shop enabling our branches to collaborate on projects, thereby allowing us to better serve our customers nationwide. Do you have a unique custom storage container request?  Let us know what you’re needing, and we will work with you to make it happen.

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