Please be advised that United Rentals acquired Pac-Van. Effective immediately, all invoices for Pac-Van should be billed to United Rentals and mailed to the following address:

United Rentals, Inc.
Accounts Payable
PO Box 30129
College Station, TX 77842

For invoice and payment inquires, our Invoice Processing Center can be contacted at 877-629-6283 or via email at

All invoices billed to United Rentals must contain certain key information in order to process your invoices timely and efficiently. Please ensure invoices contain the following information:

Sold-to location number – This will be the branch number or corporate department number provided by the location at the time of the order.
Purchase order number – All re-sale items (i.e. equipment, parts and merchandise purchases) require a valid United Rentals purchase order number which should be obtained at the time of the order.
Bill-to location address – PO Box 30129, College Station, Texas 77842. Sending invoices directly to the branch or corporate location will delay payment processing.