No matter your industry, Pac-Van is your single source supplier for conex box, mobile container, and portable office space needs.

On any given day, we might provide a guard shack to a local mine, send conex boxes to a ‘big box’ retailer prior to the holiday season, pick up a bulk liquid storage frac tank from an oilfield customer, finish modifications on a ground-level office container building (GLO) to be used on a construction site, deliver a mobile office building to serve as the sales office at an upcoming golf championship, or work on a modular mobile classroom for the local school corporation needing additional classroom space. Learn more about our mobile containers and conex box solutions.

Please contact us at 1-800-587-1784 to let us know how we can help you today.

Storage Containers & Vans

Our safe, secure and affordable 14-gauge steel storage containers (also known as a conex boxes, shipping containers, sea boxes and industrial containers) offer that extra storage space when you need it.  While we have a wide variety of custom sizes of storage containers in our fleet, our standard container  sizes are 20ft storage containers at 8’ wide x 20’ long and 40ft storage containers at 8’ wide x 40’ long.


Specialized Mobile Containers

When your storage container needs a little something extra, just let us know.  Many of our office locations have modification (or ‘mod’) shops that can take a normal shipping container and turn it into something special, like a custom office, a retail shop or even a restroom.  Or, if you just need a container building to be a little more functional, we can made customizations like adding roll-up doors, adding a vent, or installing overhead lighting.  Other available specialized container products are blast resistant containers, hazardous materials storage, refrigerated containers and covered walkways.

Portable Offices

Pac-Van’s portable office product line includes our mobile office trailers and our ground level office containers (or GLOs) which provide office space but without the need for steps and skirting.  These offices are often used as security booths, parking kiosks, ticket offices, first aid trailers, crew quarters, change rooms or as portable field offices on construction sites.

Custom Modular Buildings
Modular Buildings

Modular buildings can be built and open in half the time of traditional construction at a substantially lower cost.  Our durable and attractive modular container buildings are cost-effective solutions that can be used as sales offices, commercial offices, medical buildings, kiosks, golf pro shops, classrooms, child care/daycare facilities, recreation and fitness centers, press boxes, restaurants, auto dealerships, locker rooms, clubhouses or government offices.

Frac Tanks
Liquid Storage Tanks

Available for short-term or long-term rentals, Pac-Van’s line of frac tanks can handle your temporary bulk liquid containment needs.  We have a wide variety of frac tank products that can be used to control displaced groundwater during construction, to hold deicing fluids at airports, or to hold excess liquids during a plant shutdown or on the oil fields.