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Pac-Van makes your life easier by providing safe and secure storage containers for your business.  Whether you prefer to call them industrial containers, conex (or connex) boxes, or sea shipping containers, our container storage units are weather-proof, vandal-proof, 14-gauge all-steel containers equipped with cam rods and wood floors.  If safety and security are important to your organization, for an additional monthly fee, we offer virtually indestructible rod locks to provide additional security and solar lighting kits to keep your employees safe when they’re working before the sun rises or after the sun sets.  While we have a wide variety of custom sizes in our fleet, our available standard sizes for you large year-long (or just one month) projects are:

20′ Storage Containers

40′ Storage Containers

Our competitive prices provide major advantages over traditional storage space, regardless whether you want to rent or buy.  Storage shipping containers have proven to provide flexibility, mobility and efficiency, while also providing a cost-effect solution for security offices and office/storage trailers, etc.

Storage Container

Who Uses Permanent or Temporary Storage Containers?

We work with companies in every industry and of every size to provide solutions to their storage needs. Examples of the kinds of organizations we work with include:

  • Construction Companies
  • Health Care Institutions (Hospitals, Medical Office Buildings, Doctors' Offices, Laboratories, Surgery Centers, Veterinary Clinics)
  • Educational Institutions (Colleges and Universities, School Boards, Public and Private Schools, School Districts)
  • Religious Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • Commercial and Industrial Organizations, Manufacturers, Warehouses
  • Sports and Recreation Organizations
  • Retail Establishments (Shops, Restaurants, etc.)

Providing Storage Solutions and Customizations

Not only does Pac-Van solve your short or long-term storage needs, but our team can customized your container to best meet your needs. Our container storage units can be so much more than just a hard-shelled space by simply adding features like partitions, vents, windows, shelving, wind turbines, insulation, lighting, extra doors, or by using other custom options/colors. As a proud member of the National Portable Storage Association (NPSA), we make sure all of our units are tested for wind and water tightness, are fully cleaned and refurbished inside and out and are ready for delivery as quickly as 24-72 hours (unless custom modifications are being done.) Ready to lease or purchase? Call us today at 1-800-587-1784. We look forward to earning your business.

*Please note: Pac-Van does not offer personal moving services nor do we store loaded containers on our property.

Additional Storage Equipment (Select Locations)

While our standard inventory include 20' and 40' storage containers, in some locations we offer other sizes, including 10' mini storage containers, 24' storage containers, 28' pup vans, 45' storage containers, 45' storage trailers, 48' storage containers, 48' storage trailers, 53' storage containers, and 53' storage trailers. Please call your nearest Pac-Van office at 1-800-587-1784 to see what is available in your area.

Additional storage options and usage offered at select Pac-Van locations include:

  • Storage trailers for those customers needing a little extra storage without the extra permanent storage building costs.
  • Portable office/ storage combination units for those companies needing jobsite storage along with a private office (ie lunch room, tool crib or change room).
  • Office Containers for individuals needing strong security.
  • A tough-as-nails container office will provide you with peace of mind should security be a concern.
  • Domestic containers for those with larger storage needs.

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