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Regardless of whether you need one 10′ mini storage container for a month, or 50 40′ storage containers for a year for large construction project, Pac-Van is here to make your life easier by providing efficient and economical space. People refer to our storage containers by a number of names, such as industrial containers, conex (or connex) boxes, and sea shipping containers. Regardless of what you call them, our weather-proof, vandal-proof container storage units are 14-gauge all-steel containers equipped with cam rods and wood floors.

If you need outdoor storage on your property for weeks, a season or a year, we have your solution among our 10′ mini storage containers all the way up to 48′ domestic containers, security offices and office/storage trailers. We offer storage containers for rent or for purchase and have competitive pricing which provide major economic advantages over leasing warehouse space.


Providing Storage Solutions and Customizations

A proud member of the National Portable Storage Association, Pac-Van works with you to solve your storage challenges. Every one of our temporary storage containers that leave a Pac-Van location has been fully cleaned and refurbished, inside and out, and has been tested for wind and water tightness. Our container storage units can be so much more than a hard-shelled space. Our team can customize your container to best meet your needs and can include features such as partitions, vents, windows, shelving, wind turbines , insulation, lighting, adding extra doors, or other custom options/colors. Let us know what customization you may need for your storage container rental. Our team can turn normal delivery around as quickly as 24-72 hours, unless you're having modifications done. In some areas, same day delivery may be available. We can deliver your container to you via a tilt-bed truck if you would prefer us to unload it at your location. The driver will back the trailer and lower the end of the storage container until in touches the ground, and then he will pull the truck straight out from under the container. We will need to know, based on the desired location of the storage container's door at your site, whether we should load the container with the doors facing to the cab or to the rear of the truck. *Please note: Pac-Van does not offer personal moving services nor do we store loaded containers on our property.

Additional Storage Equipment (Select Locations)

Additional storage options offered at select Pac-Van locations include:

  • Storage trailers for those customers needing a little extra storage without the extra permanent storage building costs.
  • Portable office/ storage combination units for those companies needing jobsite storage along with a private office (ie lunch room, tool crib or change room).
  • Office Containers for individuals needing strong security.
  • A tough-as-nails container office will provide you with peace of mind should security be a concern.
  • Domestic containers for those with larger storage needs.
  • *Virtually indestructible rod locks can be provided for an additional monthly fee to provide additional security.

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