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Frac tanks, mud tanks and weir tanks for your temporary liquid containment storage needs

Steel container tanks: short or long-term tank rentals for anything from fracking to excavation to environmental remediation

Frac Tank & Mud Tanks

For those working in the gas fields, our brand new steel frac tanks are available in both internal & external manifold. The brand new Pac-Van mud tank is ideal for those in the oil fields. Mini frac tanks are also available in some locations.


V-bottom & Round Bottom Tanks

Pac-Van steel tanks are now available in two different base shapes, the ‘V’ bottom, or sloped tank, is available for rent in all our locations. Our new tanks with a round bottom are available in select locations.

External Manifold vs. Internal

Local weather often dictates which type of manifold is needed on your liquid storage tank. Pac-Van has you covered no matter where you work with both an internal manifold tank option for colder regions and an external manifold container tank for more moderate climates.


Smooth Wall Tanks or Corrugated?

Many chemical applications require a tank container with a tough interior. Pac-Van's smooth wall epoxy lined frac tanks are up for the job. For those customers who don't need the heavy duty interior, we also offer rental tanks with plain, corrugated internal walls.

Portable Steel Tank Solutions for your needs

Whether you need a steel storage tank lease for a day or two years, Pac-Van has you covered. Our new line of container tanks are ideal for use in the mining industry as well as for controlling displaced groundwater during construction or for preparing a salt solution to treat runways at your local airport during a snowstorm. There are thousands of uses for rental tanks and you can count on Pac-Van to have your steel tank when you need it.

Steel Tank Technical Specifications

Pac-Van external manifold steel tanks Pac-Van internal manifold steel tanks
Pac-Van round bottom steel tanks Pac-Van mini frac tanks
Pac-Van weir tanks Pac-Van double wall tanks
Pac-Van vac box Pac-Van double wall tanks

Need a specialty tank?

Our inventory of steel tanks continues to expand and we now have acid tanks, mini frac tanks, weir tanks, "vac boxes," and frac ponds. Just ask how we can meet your custom tank needs.

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