Santa House


Project Capsule: Santa House

The client needed a centerpiece for an upscale outdoor mall that would compliment a town square area and accommodate the photo shop. This unique 600 sq. ft. modular building is fashioned after an Old English Cottage. It serves as a seasonal Santa Photo Shop in an upscale outdoor mall. This project was designed, engineered, fabricated, delivered and installed in less than two months. Only factory built innovation could have achieved this impossible task.

The gable roofs, complete with dormers, are separate modules and are back lit to give the appearance of the building having a second story. Other special features include: oversized steel doors at two locations, dual pane French windows, extensive casework on the interior, and reusable bricklike skirting material.

Thought was given to its ability to be relocated cost effectively since it is a seasonal attraction. For this reason, the floors and interior walls are easy to match, and exterior finishes require very little care. An electric heating unit is the only climate control, since it is never used in the summer. Once the season is past, the modular Santa House is removed and stored for next year’s use.

Modular Santa House Photo Shop