Republic Bank


Project Capsule: Republic Bank

Nestled under the viaduct of Interstate 65N, this Republic Bank branch office offers convenient banking for its customers and those visiting the local Jewish hospital. This building was originally built and used as a standard sales office at one of our branch offices. Our customer’s decision to purchase a used building not only saved them valuable time, but significant cost as well.

To take advantage of this highly visible, vacant lot beneath the viaduct, the customer had to give up something – space. The tight squeeze between the columns was going to be a challenge as the clearance was less than 6 feet on each side. To “dress up” the existing building, received an E.I.F.S. finish in a color specifically formulated to match the exterior of the hospital. The roofline and faux mansard were extended on each end and an entrance portico was added to the existing structure for aesthetic appeal and to shelter banking customers while using the ATM. This building was completed and ready for occupancy in under 60 days.

Modular Bank