Prefabricated Buildings

Pac-Van prefabricated buildings are the ideal cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications.  Fully equipped and serviced to your requirements, our prefab buildings can be up and operational in 30-50% of the time of traditional construction, at significantly less cost.  Standard Pac-Van prefab office buildings are typically available for immediate delivery from our wide inventory of trailers.  If you require a customized prefabricated building, it will be built in a first-class modification shop, under stringent quality standards.  Once completed off-site and your site is prepared, your prefab building will be delivered and put together in no time, with no weather or labor delays.  Your prefab office is waiting for you.  Contact us today and let us help you decide which one of our prefab buildings is right for you.

Modular Building


In our resume here at Pac-Van, we've worked on some incredible prefab buildings. While certainly not all-inclusive, below is a list of some of Pac-Van's past modular projects by industry:

  • For religious institutions: worship space, classrooms and nurseries
  • For construction sites: workforce housing, on-site sales office, or buildings for your design and engineering team
  • For retailers: new commercial space or an expansion of existing space, sales offices, banks, retail stores, fitness centers, general office space, residential sales center, fine dining restaurants, fast food (quick service) restaurants, branch offices, auto dealerships, golf pro shops, etc.)
  • For school corporations: additional classroom space due to overcrowding and/or during renovations, additional administrative office space
  • For industrial organizations: in-plant offices, additional factory space, exterior administrative centers, guard house, shower & change facility and security kiosks
  • For sports and recreation facilities: golf pro shop, press boxes, club houses, park kiosks, locker rooms, security booths, recreation centers, fitness centers
  • For healthcare organizations: medical offices, surgical clinics, dental clinics, emergency rooms, diagnostic centers, operating rooms, hospital extensions, laboratories, imaging centers, research suites, veterinary clinics and complete modular hospitals
  • For government entities: bulletproof security booths, offices, large-scale government building complexes for correctional facilities, living quarters or disaster recovery needs such as emergency shelters and mobile command centers.


  • Speed of construction time - off-site building can be done while site preparation is completed.
  • Lower labor costs – Pac-Van takes care of construction, delivery, and instillation.
  • Year-round work – because the building is constructed off-site, weather will never be an issue.
  • “Green-er” construction – there will be less waste on-site, less carbon emissions during construction, and 100% recyclable.
  • Unlimited possibilities – not only with building shape and size, but with interior and exterior options. Examples of exterior finish options are: Aluminum, Wood, Composite, Vinyl, Stucco, Faux Finish, Brick, Steel, Glass, and Stone

We earn our reputation for quality with every project. On every prefab building project, our intent is to create high value through high quality and exceptional service. We're proud of our prefab buildings, proud that we use the best modern materials available for modular construction. We work hard to save you more time, money and hassles, by fully equipping your modular building with furniture and furnishings.

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