Pirate’s Cove


Project Capsule: Pirate’s Cove in Needles, CA

Prior to being utilized as a restaurant and bar, this building was originally an office complex used by the City of Burbank.

The customer selected every item from the siding to the plumbing fixtures to match the cottages already on site at the Resort. Ceramic tile is incorporated in restrooms and kitchen while distinctive wood flooring is featured in the dining area. Concrete siding, dual pane windows, 8’ custom doors throughout and speciailized cooking equipment are a few of the custom options.

The 2,880 square foot restaurant and bar sit on the Colorado River in Needles, CA catering to the boating public. Pirate’s Cove is fully equipped as a restaurant, bar and bikini bar (to cater to those coming from the water). This unique setting is a great example of the versatility of modular buildings.

Pirate’s Cove Restaurant & Bar