New Page Corp Shower & Change Facility

showerProject Capsule: New Page Corp Shower & Change Facility

The end location for this 840 square foot modular was a pre-constructed metal frame that sat on top of an existing building. The modular was crane lifted in sections and fit precisely into the metal frame next to an existing block building making the placement of the modular more unusual.

The facility contains a concealed sprinkler system in the finished ceiling. The exterior finish is 1½” ribbed aluminum siding to match the building it is placed on. The unit includes 7 showers, 4 wallhung sinks, 2 wall-mount urinals and 2 water closets along with 2 water heaters. Half of the unit is wide-open for employee lockers and benches. Interiors have commercial rolled floor surfaces w/laminated fiberglass kemlite covered interior walls for easy cleaning.

Because this unit was built as a modular, it provided 51% cost savings over a site built building.

Modular Shower and Change Facility