Pac-Van modular school buildings are earning straight A's in utilization of space across America

Enrollment up? Space bulging at the seams? Need room
during renovations? Pac-Van modular school buildings and portable classrooms are serving school districts nationwide.

Standard portable classroom floor plan... or custom designed?

Your solution may be among our standard modular building floor plans... or your location, site or other needs may require a custom design... or you may need an extendable, multi-sectional modular school building. Whatever shape, configuration or size of space you need, we'll put a fine, purpose-built building around it.

Your modular school building is pre-engineered to be expandable and relocatable, equipping you with full flexibility to address evolving or changing space issues. Modular FAQ

Pac-Van modular or "stick-built"? The eye can't tell!

Pac-Van modular school buildings have a wide selection of exterior options, including bricks and mortar, so your portable classroom or modular school building can blend with its surroundings or match
existing facilities. We also offer non-combustible materials.

Spotlessly clean, equipped, ready to use

All Pac-Van modular school buildings and school or church classroom portables meet or exceed all applicable codes.

We can equip your modular classroom, inside and out

Ramps, steps, safety rails, decks, security systems, even furniture and fixtures. As a single-source turn-key vendor, our experience has been that our clients save significantly in time, money and administration.

Flexible range of lease, purchase and lease-to-purchase plans

We work with you to assure your District's fiscal requirements are fully satisfied. Please visit our Financing page...

Portable storage containers and storage trailers

When you need secure, budget-wise storage during renovations, or to store furniture or band or sports gear, Pac-Van maintains a large, nationwide inventory of portable storage containers and storage trailers, in varying sizes and options.

Talk to us. We've really gone to school on educational space

Use our Office Locator, and talk direct to your closest Pac-Van modular school building expert. If you prefer, complete a Modular Building Request for Quote, and we'll get back to you promptly.

Downloadable modular school building case studies

Modular school - 27-plex Depaul Cristo Hillside Campus.pdf

Modular school - 14-plex Delano Childcare Facility.pdf

Modular building - 8-plex Regis University Office and Laboratories.pdf

Modular classrooms - 16-plex Walnut Hills modular classrooms.pdf

Modular classrooms - 10-plex Good Shepard modular classrooms.pdf

Modular office complex - Clark County School District.pdf

Modular classrooms - 16-plex Lincoln School.pdf
Modular press boxes - 2-plex Gahanna HS.pdf
Modular press boxes - 2-plex Danville Schools.pdf
Modular classrooms - 3-plex Valentine School.pdf
Modular School - 20-plex Rocky Mountain Schools.pdf
Modular classrooms - 8-plex Monroe School District.pdf
Modular classrooms - 11 classrooms among three schools.pdf
Modular classrooms - Tuba City.pdf
Cost-effective space solutions for educational applications.pdf
Modular press boxes.pdf
Modular education facilities - Lamb of God.pdf
Modular education buildings - Ross.pdf
Modular classrooms - 7-plex Litchfield Schools.pdf


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Did you know…?

Modern modular buildings can have any interior or exterior finish that a "stick built" traditional building can have-including brick.

You asked…

We've tried to anticipate your questions and answer them in our Pac-Van Modular Buildings FAQ