Choose a modular building and you can often be open for business in a matter of weeks - not months

Need new commercial premises? Expanding your existing facilities? A Pac-Van standard or custom-built modular building is your fastest, most budget-centric solution.

A modular building saves your time and money

Standard Pac-Van modular buildings are typically available for immediate delivery from inventory. If you require a customized facility, it will be built in a first-class manufacturing plant, under stringent quality standards. With no weather or labor delays, we generally save up to half the time needed for traditional construction. You'll be doing business in a high-quality building, and generating ROI, far sooner and at significantly lower cost.

Temporary or permanent premises?

If your needs are short term-say, a temporary sales office for a new sub-division-your better solution may be one of our large selection of equipped, serviced mobile sales offices. But, for the long-term, a pre-engineered, expandable modular building is your ideal choice.

Pac-Van modular buildings serve businesses large and small

We bring broad experience and expertise to the design, manufacture, erecting and turnkey commissioning of commercial modular buildings, including:

  • Banks
  • Retail stores
  • Fitness centers
  • General office space
  • Residential sales centers
  • Fine restaurants
  • Fast Food
  • Branch offices
  • Auto dealerships
  • Golf pro shops.




For more information, please see our Modular Building FAQ.

Check our standard floor plans

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Downloadable case studies: modular commercial buildings

Modular Guard House-Kroger.pdf
Modular Convenience Store-Campbell Cove.pdf
Pirate's Cove Restaurant & Bar.pdf
Modular Santa House Photo Shop.pdf
Car Dealership Franchise.pdf
Renovated Modular Retail/Commercial Building.pdf
Modular golf pro shops and club houses 1.pdf
Modular golf pro shops and club houses 2.pdf
D's Auto World Car Sales Office.pdf
Modular Welcome Center.pdf
Modular Bank.pdf
Modular commercial buildings - Sanders.pdf
Somersett Country Club.pdf


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Did you know…?

Modern modular buildings can have any interior or exterior finish that a "stick built" traditional building can have, including brick.

You asked…

We've tried to anticipate your questions and answer them in our Pac-Van Modular Buildings FAQ…