Modular Offices

Pac-Van modular office buildings are truly state-of- the-art in planning and design, in choice and quality of materials, in our demanding construction standards, and in our modern installation techniques.  Your temporary or permanent modular office will be constructed off-site as your current site is prepared, allowing you to occupy your modular office building 30-50% sooner, while saving 20-40% of costs compared to traditional construction!  We have a number of standard floor plans for modular offices to choose from.  Don’t see one that meets your needs?  No worries.  We can modify any floor plan, or create one 100% from scratch to create a unique modular office space just for you!  Reach out to one of our modular experts by using our contact us page, and we will discuss your needs and create a modular office to fit your you and your team.

Modular Building


Pac-Van can complete your modular office in a number of ways. Along with our modular expert, you will be able to decide what exactly you need for safety, security, esthetics, and anything else you can think of. Here are some examples:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Extended ceiling heights
  • Concrete floors
  • Non-combustible materials
  • Noise-reduction insulation

Any interior or exterior finish that a traditional building can have, including brick, we can accomplish. We can also match any existing building’s finish.

Flexible range of financing programs

We tailor your modular building to your specific needs, and we tailor the financing to best meet your budgetary requirements. Whether you are looking to lease, purchase, or lease to purchase, we can work with you to find a suitable plan for you.


For years, Pac-Van has been a leader in the modular building industry. Past examples of our work include modular classroom settings, retail shops, sports and recreation facilities, sales offices, medical facilities, research institutions, health clinics, pressboxes, and in-plant offices. We use the best modern materials; the best prefabricating techniques; and the best install and finish disciplines. Our quality standards are relentless.

If you have expansion dreams in the future, let us know from the start. Planning for expansion can improve efficiency and minimize costs of the future addition. We maintain over forty-five locally and professionally staffed branch offices in the United States and Canada. We have a diverse product mix, offering you the opportunity to do business with one reliable company for all of your space needs. Your modular office building is manufactured in a quality controlled factory environment and then delivered and assembled on your site. Pac-Van is your complete turn-key solutions provider. You have one contact for the design stage, the project coordination, delivery, and installation. If you ever need to reposition your modular building, relocation is planned into the design. If the need arises, your modular building is readily transported and relocated, either by road or crane.

Our dedicated sales team would be interested in using our experience and rich modular history to provide you with a modular office that you will not only love, but be proud to call your office.

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