Modern modular church buildings will save you thousands of dollars in construction costs

Whether a congregation of 5000, or a day school for 50, Pac-Van-quality prefabricated modular church buildings deliver major economies for your building fund.

A Pac-Van modular church building can be the answer to your prayers

Stringent Quality Assurance standards. Infinitely customizable plans. Fully equipped and serviced. Expandable. Relocatable. Wide choice of exterior/interior finishes. Meet or beat all state and local codes. 500 to 35,000 sq.ft. Can stand for many years.

All this, and typically 20 - 40% below traditional construction's cost

Your modular church building will be manufactured indoors, with no weather, labor or site preparation delays. From date of plan approval, we typically cut 30 to 50% off the time to build a traditional building. Your modular building will be operational weeks, often months, earlier - dramatically cutting costs of labor and the overall project.

If standard floor plans don't suit, we'll custom-build for you

We've worked with many churches, and have a portfolio of existing modular building designs, including schools and daycare facilities. One may be a great fit. Or you can modify a plan. Or our design pros will work with you to create something for your specific needs.

We earn our reputation for quality with every project

We're proud of our church buildings, proud that we use the best modern materials available for modular church construction. We provide virtually any interior or exterior finish, including a match to existing buildings. We can also save you more time, money and hassles by fully equipping your modular church building with furniture and furnishings.

Tell us what your church building needs-inside and out

Call us at 1-800-587-1784, and we'll route you to your closest Pac-Van modular church building expert. Or complete a Modular Church Building Request for Quote, and we'll get back to you promptly.

Downloadable modular church buildings case studies:

Renovated modular building 9-plex Berean Church
Modular church building 8-plex Lamb of God School
Prefab modular church nursery, 6-plex Northeast Christian Church

Know what you need?

Pac-Van at work

Berean-Church . . . . . . . . .

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Did you know…?

Modern modular buildings can have any interior or exterior finish that a "stick built" traditional building can have, including brick.

You asked…

We've tried to anticipate your questions and answer them in our Pac-Van Modular Buildings FAQ…