Blast Resistant Buildings

Blast resistant buildings from Pac-Van provide protection to both your team and equipment from the following types of hazards:

  • Manmade hazards- vapor cloud explosions, high explosive blasts, pressure vessel ruptures, ballistics, projectile impact and forced entry
  • Natural hazards- high wind, earthquakes, fire and snow


With welded steel construction, our buildings can withstand FREE-FIELD PRESSURE UP TO 13 PSI (reflected pressure of ~34 psi) and a loading duration of 200 ms for vapor cloud explosions.

These buildings are customized and manufactured to your specific company, industry and site needs and can be manufactured to an ASCE Low or Medium response level, depending on what your needs may be.  Available as stand-alone units or connected modules for larger complexes, these buildings are fully transportable and modular.

Standard ISO container after 9000 lb ANFO live blast test.

Watch the video below of our buildings being subjected to live explosive field testing by an independent third party.  Should you be interested, we have test reports available by clicking here.

Additionally, these buildings:

  • Are customized and manufactured to your specific needs
  • Are fully transportable and modular

Please call us today at 1-800-587-1784 to learn more about Pac-Van’s blast resistant buildings.