Mobile Office Trailers for Sale

At Pac-Van, we understand the challenges of on-site office space.  We know the construction site needs fast and reliable buildings, and we have the office trailer for sale to meet your needs.  Think of it as your office away from your office!  We have both new and used office trailers for sale, of all shapes and sizes.  These are ideal for the construction site, but can also be used for health clinics, small class gatherings, training rooms… the uses are endless.  We are confident we have a mobile office for sale to meet your requirements.  Our expert team will work with you to decide the best interior floor plan for your mobile office.  Looking for restrooms?  What about closets?  Just let us know what you need, and we can find office trailers for sale to match your requests.  Contact us to hear from someone about office trailers for sale today!

Mobile Office


Pac-Van has served the PGA Championship, Indianapolis 500, Superbowls, and Kentucky Derby. With these in our resume, we have the experience and savvy to supply and coordinate your special events or on-location requirements end to end.

Mobile offices to portable toilets: with one call to Pac-Van, you can cover it all.

  • Rock concerts
  • Movie locations
  • Civic events
  • Sales spectaculars
  • Sports days
  • Tournaments
  • Change rooms
  • Portable storage
  • Mobile offices

Whatever the event, and whatever you need on the day, we’ll make sure it’s there on site, on time, on budget.


A unique project Pac-Van worked on was a 12’ x 48’ mobile laundry unit. It included 24 washers and dryers (12 of each), three folding tables, central heating and air, dead bolts and security latch guards on exterior doors, horizontal sliding windows, security bars and insect screens, birch hardwood exterior paneling, and block tilling flooring. Another example of Pac-Van’s ability to build custom products with competitive pricing and superior service.

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