Latrobe Area Hospital Women’s Health Center


Project Capsule: Latrobe Area Hospital Women’s Health Center

This 3696 sq. ft. Women’s Health & Pre-Natal Center proved to be the answer to the Latrobe Area Hospital’s space problems. A new facility was needed, quickly.

The decision to choose modular was an easy one, not only because the hospital had worked with Pac-Van prior, but also because of the flexibility of design, quality and quick construction time. The client was able to design the building exactly as they wanted and adapt the building to their vacant lot located conveniently across the street. In addition to the large first floor, which is 100% ADA compliant, the design also allowed for a 1500+ sq. ft. basement which is utilized for storage of supplies and lawn/ snow removal equipment. All this, and the client moved into their new building in under 75 days!

Modular health care facilities – Latrobe Hospital