Lamb of God Lutheran School

lamb of god

Project Capsule: Lamb of God Lutheran School

This modular school was designed with expansion in mind. Administrative offices, a storage room, a janitor’s room, and male/female restrooms are all located at the corner of the “L” and are conveniently accessible from all classrooms. The classrooms extend out to each end of the complex and have doors on both the front and back of each room. A system of sidewalks surround the building making it accessible from all sides. The parapet, created from trusses clad with tile roofing, match the existing Church building adjacent to the school. Wall wash lighting is located in the overhang of the parapet to accentuate the succeed exterior of the building. A round stained glass window, depicting a Lamb and Shepherd, graces the principals office. The future expansion plans include the creation of a matching “L-shaped.’ structure that will create a courtyard between the buildings. Electrical, sprinkler, alarm, and plumbing feeds were planned to minimize the cost of the future expansion. All this, and the customer still took possession of the building in under 60 days.

Modular education facilities – Lamb of God