Kroger Distribution Center, KY


Project Capsule: Kroger Distribution Center, KY

This 420 sq foot security guard house was set and ready for operation within four hours of delivery. It is constructed with steel perimeter framing. The prepoured concrete slab flooring offers outstanding durability that will stand up to the heavy traffic of truck drivers in and out of the facility daily. The exterior features a 1“ brick veneer. The roof was constructed with 1 1/2” wide rib steel with a centered peak truss at 16” on center with a 30 pound live load and 26 gauge steel standing seam panels with continuous ridge.

This building was built with a suspended ceiling. The laminated Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels over 3/8” Oriented Strand Board (OSB) with 24” deep L shape laminated counter top furniture allow plenty of room for the staff and visitors. The guard house is outfitted with a two ton Bard HVAC unit.

The size and design of this facility allow for an easy entry as a check point, yet provide a professional atmosphere that matches the aesthetics of the distribution center facility already in place. This prototype is now used throughout the country for other Kroger distribution centers.

Modular Guard House-Kroger