Government Buildings – VA of Louisville


Project Capsule: Government Buildings – VA of Louisville

This spacious 7,200 square foot office complex consists of (10) modules to provide office space and conference space. It is finished with brick vinyl exterior and hardi-panel to match the existing facilities. ADA accessibility was enhanced with concrete work around the building. Cloth awnings added to the entrance provide protection from the elements as one enters and leaves the facility. Aluminum “cat walks” were added to allow for easy HVAC unit accessibility. The building also features a state-of-the art fire alarm system.

The building was built with cost effectiveness in mind and for energy efficiency. One way this was achieved is through the use of the vinyl brick panels, cutting the cost of the more conventional masonry brick finish. Although this is a permanent facility, the building is designed to be easily disassembled into (10) 12 foot modules that can be relocated or reconfigured to accommodate future space needs.

Modular medical center – VA of Louisville