Frac Tanks

Pac-Van provides tough and reliable bulk liquid storage solutions to accommodate your organizations’ on-site water, chemical, oil or other liquid storage needs.  Whether you need to lease a frac tank for a month or whether you’re wanting frac tanks for sale, Pac-Van has you covered.  Our frac tanks are quality engineered to perform to the highest standards and to address your specific needs as it relates to your industry standards and/or  climate conditions.

We know that your business requires large volume liquid storage in its day-to-day operations, and our line of portable steel tanks are the ideal solution.  Our customers have used Pac-Van frac tanks for a wide variety of uses, such as for use in the fracking industry, for controlling displaced groundwater during construction, for preparing a salt solution to treat runways at your local airport during a snowstorm, or for liquid storage during plant shutdowns.

Bulk Liquid Storage Tank


Examples of the kinds of industries with which we provide tough and reliable bulk liquid storage solutions:

  • Pipeline (dust control, pipeline blowdowns, flow metering, water backup for firefighting
  • Refinery (planned maintenance, storage for spent caustics)
  • Construction (dewatering, trench shoring)
  • Environmental (wastewater, groundwater and sediment remediation)
  • Government & Municipalities (water and wastewater storage, filtration of hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Oil & Gas (on-site fluid containment, filtration of flowback and produced water)
  • Agriculture (irrigation)
  • Manufacturing (bypass, emergency maintenance)


Our standard frac tank is a sloped tank or 'v' bottom tank, but we do offer round bottom tanks in some locations. Many chemical applications require a frac tank container with a tough interior. Pac-Van's smooth wall epoxy lined frac tanks are up for the job. For those customers who don't need the heavy-duty interior, we also offer rental tanks with plain, corrugated internal walls. Local weather often dictates which type of manifold (internal sloped manifold or external sloped manifold or external crossover manifold) is needed on your liquid storage tank.


Other frac tank products, available in select branches, include mini frac tanks, acid tanks, mud tanks, double wall tanks, weir tanks, vac boxes, sludge tanks, and frac ponds. For more information on these products, please call us at 1-800-587-1784. To see what is available near you, please visit on the available inventory section of the office nearest you.

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