Financing Your Project: Rent or Buy Shipping Containers

As you do your research on container based products, please be assured that Pac-Van has cargo containers for sale and for rent.  When determining whether you want to rent or buy a shipping container, there are several factors that affect the cost of a shipping container.

When we are asked how much does a shipping container cost, we take into consideration the size of the container, what modifications are included, our available inventory, and whether there are multiple products being leased or purchased.  Another factor that will affect the cost of a shipping container is delivery distance.

Pac-Van provides you with a wide range of flexible, competitive options to lease or buy shipping containers; we offer outright purchase, rent/operating lease, finance lease (or lease to purchase) or an operation lease with a buy-out clause.  The table below breaks each of these items out in greater detail.




Outright Purchase

  • From inventory, custom built or turnkey installation
  • Own it now!
  • Depreciation works to your advantage
  • Eliminate interest payments
  • Full customization available

Rent/Operating Lease

  • From inventory, or custom options available
  • Flexible term
  • No transfer of ownership
  • Buildings and equipment often in stock for immediate delivery
  • Meet short-term needs quickly, economically
  • Rent is tax-deductable expense
  • Pay only for term equipment need, Your capital budget remains intact
  • No lump sum down payment required
  • No interest payments

Operation Lease with Buy-out Clause

Municipal Lease

  • From inventory, custom built or turnkey installation
  • Ownership after last payment
  • Typically small initial cash outlay
  • Tax-exempt status allows for lower interest rates & payments
  • Each payment builds equity or down payment