Financing Your Project: Buy Shipping Containers

At Pac-Van, we provide you with a wide range of flexible, competitive options to lease or buy storage and office space solutions, as shown below.




Outright Purchase

  • From inventory, custom built or turnkey installation
  • Own it now!
  • Depreciation works to your advantage
  • Eliminate interest payments
  • Full customization available

Rent/Operating Lease

  • From inventory, or custom options available
  • Flexible term
  • No transfer of ownership
  • Buildings and equipment often in stock for immediate delivery
  • Meet short-term needs quickly, economically
  • Rent is tax-deductable expense
  • Pay only for term equipment need, Your capital budget remains intact
  • No lump sum down payment required
  • No interest payments

Operation Lease with Buy-out Clause

Municipal Lease

  • From inventory, custom built or turnkey installation
  • Ownership after last payment
  • Typically small initial cash outlay
  • Tax-exempt status allows for lower interest rates & payments
  • Each payment builds equity or down payment