Construction Trailers for Rent

Construction trailers are an easy way to get safe and reliable workspace to a jobsite on likely undeveloped land.  They can set up quickly and serve as home to operations onsite.  Pac-Van has construction trailer rental for units of all sizes.  Whether you are looking for a construction trailer rental of one month, or one year, Pac-Van has you covered.  Construction trailers are environmentally friendly, as well.  They show up onsite fully assembled so there is no waste.  And when your job is done, Pac-Van will be there to haul the construction trailer away.  Contact us today and see one of construction trailers for rent  on your jobsite tomorrow.

Mobile Office


Each Pac-Van branch has a slightly different inventory of mobile offices, so contact a mobile office expert today to find out what they have. Here are just some of the features of a Pac-Van mobile office:

  • Lighting - The mobile offices have double tube 4’ fluorescent lights and windows positioned for day-lighting. It’s a bright well lit office for everyone’s pleasure.
  • HVAC System - We don’t go cheap on the heating and air-conditioning. We install central or wall hung units sized to ensure a comfortable place for you no matter what it’s like outside. Thermostats are tested to provide the greatest comfort level for your office space. AC & Heat registers are adjustable for personalized comfort levels.
  • Insulation – All mobile offices are insulated to code standards relative to the regional climate to reduce heating and cooling costs and aid in reduction of outside noise.
  • Roofing – Our mobile offices have 40 mil EPDM rubber over sheathing on the roof, so you won't have to worry about staying dry. With the sheath roofs, so you'll never need to listen to roof rumble on a windy day. Some of our older units will have galvanized roofing.
  • Plumbing – Many of our mobiles include restrooms complete with hot water heaters. Those units make your temporary office complete with all the comforts of home. Supply and waste lines are stubbed through the floor/frame and ready for site connections We can arrange water and waste tanks if not on site.
  • Steps and Ramps – We have Aluminum & steel steps and ramps available that are designed to meet OSHA requirements and keep your people safe. If you’d prefer, we can build a wood ramp when required by local codes.

Product Photos

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