Conex Boxes for Sale or Rent

Looking for a safe, secure, and affordable storage option for your business?  Look no further than a Pac-Van conex box.  You may know them as a storage container, shipping container, or cargo container, but regardless of what you call them, we have a conex box to fit your need.  Conex boxes are ideal for most businesses that need security for storage, but also need to operate on a budget.  We have conex boxes for sale or rent to do just that.  If security is important to your business, our conex containers are weather and theft proof, equipped with 14-gauge all-steel containers equipped with cam rods and wood floors.  Need more security?  Our conex containers for sale or rent can be customized with a nearly indestructible rod lock to provide that extra security.  We have a wide variety of sizes of our conex shipping containers, with our standard sizes being the 20’ and 40’ conex storage.  See more detailed information about our 20’ and 40’ conex for sale here:

20′ Conex Containers

40′ Conex Containers

Are you looking for a specific size conex container?  Contact us today and speak to one of our conex box experts today.  We are confident that we will have a conex for sale or rent to meet your needs.

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A Pac-Van conex box is built with security in mind. No matter where you have the conex box located, you can rest assured your contents are safe. Our standard conex containers are made of rust resistant corten steel, with a steel roof and support framing. They are also water and wind tight. With high security double steel doors with steel cam-lock rods, these conex boxes will stand up to threats. These are standard on our containers and are higher security than standard roll up doors. The more secure appearance is also seen as a deterrent to theft proving additional piece of mind.


A Pac-Van conex box is built to be tough. The all steel build will ensure it holds up over time. Most containers are stored outside, so they need to be durable. The 14 gauge corrugated steel will make certain that your goods will be protected. What about the flooring? The floor is 1-1/8” thick marine wood floor. You won’t need to concern yourself with its sturdiness.


The beauty of a conex box is that it can be any size you want it to be. We have standard 20’ and 40’ containers at most locations. These are the sizes most commonly found on most jobsites and industries. However, if you have a need for a 6’ conex, we can construct that. At Pac-Van, we have modification shops that do work on all of our equipment. One of their favorite things to do is taking a conex box and making something new out of it. Whether that is a Ground Level Office, or a different size box, they can do it all. Let’s say you want a 45’ conex box, we can get that done, as well. If you are looking for more height, some locations have “high cube” boxes. A standard conex box has a height of 8’6”. A high cube (HC) box has an extra foot of height, measuring in at 9’6”.

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