Cargo Shipping Containers for Sale & Rental

Pac-Van is here to help make the process of buying or renting a cargo shipping container easier. Cargo shipping containers are also known as cargo storage containers, conex boxes, sea shipping containers, and a host of other things.  No matter what you call them, Pac-Van has cargo shipping containers that are weather-proof and vandal-proof, built with 14-gauge all-steel containers complete with cam rods and wood floors. Whether you need these for simple storage of tools, or the protection of high dollar items, Pac-Van has cargo shipping containers for sale or rent that will meet all of your needs.  Our cargo shipping containers come in a variety of sizes, with the most common being the 20’ and the 40’ lengths.

20′ Cargo Shipping Containers

40′ Cargo Shipping Containers

These cargo shipping containers are available for any length of project.  If it is a one month onsite job, we have you covered.  If you need it for over a year for a renovation, we can handle that as well.  Our cargo containers are competitively priced and are a great alternative to traditional storage methods. Contact us today to speak with one of our cargo shipping container experts today!

Storage Container


You may have noticed, cargo containers have many uses. Not only that, but they have a lot of potential for modification. Here are just some of the modifications Pac-Van can do to your cargo container:

  • All types of doors – roll-up, cargo, man, sliding
  • Windows – all sizes, including window guards
  • Interior and exterior paint – any color you request
  • Lighting – interior and exterior, including solar lighting
  • Shelving and cabinets
  • Electrical
  • And much, much more!


While it is not always a forethought, cargo containers do have an age. Like humans, the older they get, they will begin to show wear. However, just because they are older containers doesn’t mean they are useless! Here is a quick rundown of how we grade our containers:

  • One Trip – These are essentially new cargo containers. They are built in China and their “one trip” was on the boat behind shipped overseas. At that point, we receive the containers from the port and distribute them to our branches to provide to you, our customers.
  • Premium – These cargo containers are between two and eight years old and meet all standards for cargo use. All containers are fully inspected before a grade is assigned to them.
  • Cargo Worthy – These cargo containers are over 8 years old but are still structurally solid and appropriate for shipping
  • Wind and Water Tight – These cargo containers are exactly what they sound like. They are wind and water tight so that nothing can get in to damage your goods.
  • As Is – Cargo containers labeled As Is have minor damage from years of hard work. Usually, As Is containers have very small blemishes that can be easily repaired before delivery.
  • Handyman – These cargo containers are is rough shape. They should absolutely be examined before purchase. The are the smallest grouping in our fleet.

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