20-plex Rocky Mountain Schools

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Project Capsule: Rocky Mountain Schools

This 35,568 square foot campus consists of 3 modular buildings. The administration modular includes 9 offices and a 5,000 square foot multipurpose room as well as 4 special use classrooms. The classroom modulars have a center common area. The administration area is in the center with classrooms on both sides. They are positioned at the site in a “U” shape to allow for a central playground.

The main entrance area was recessed by 10 feet to accent the main doors. Gas RTU’s were used to allow separate zones for each of the 28 classrooms. This also reduces the electrical requirement at the site and lowers utility bills. All the classrooms have exterior doors for a convenient and safe environment for the students.

For this project, carpet tiles were used for longer durability and allow for easy replacement of worn areas over time. This is just one of the many options available in a Pac-Van modular building.

Modular School – 20-plex Rocky Mountain Schools