14-Plex Delano Childcare Facility

14-Plex Delano Childcare Facility 1

Project Capsule: American Opportunity Foundation – Delano, CA

The American Opportunity Foundation project is a 7,968 sq. ft. modular building comprised of 11-12’x40’ modules and 3-12’x60’ modules configured in an L-Shape. Designed as a child care facility, the building has 3 offices, child and adult restrooms, a laundry facility, break room, lounge, day care rooms and a lobby area.

The exterior of the building is very modern in aesthetic and has an eggshell white stucco and dark gray façade, making it hard to decipher if it was built using traditional site built construction or “is it modular?” Pac-Van used 12’x40’s and 12’x60’s approved by State of California, Department of Housing & Community Development with a pier and pad tie down foundation, recessed to ground level. All fixtures, doors, windows, etc. comply with child care guidelines including 13 child sized toilets and sinks.

The unit is relocatable and built to California State Title 21, a state regulation to ensure modular buildings are of the highest standard using the most energy efficient materials. The heating and air conditioning units are all electric with heat pumps. Cost effective choices included: the recessed pier and pad foundation that eliminated any and all cement work for the client and using standard 12’x40’s and 12’x60’s to create a custom unit. The HVAC’s are end mount vs. roof mount, eliminating the need for a crane and prevents climbing on the roof, which can cause safety issues and leaks.

Modular school – 14-plex Delano Childcare Facility